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Jennet Chow - Founder and Co-CEO of Evolution Design Lab and Jellypop Shoes 

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"It is the greater purpose of helping others. Work was and still is an extension of my family; that is one thing that is too important for me to give up on."

More than shoes 

Jennet Chow

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Jennet Chow is the Founder and Co-CEO of Evolution Design Lab and Jellypop Shoes. She is a second generation Taiwanese-American native to Southern California, and her story embodies the “American Dream” of grit, determination and innovation. She was most recently named one of Inc. 2021 Female Founders 100 and featured on FN magazines 13 Female Footwear leaders.​

From an early age, Jennet accompanied her parents to swap meets at 5 am every weekend. As she grew older, she became increasingly involved in the process. While studying manufacturing management at FIDM, she assisted her parents with administration and management. Jennet's parents instilled in her a love for shoes and a strong work ethic. Despite their company shutting down, Jennet's passion for creating a shoe company remained.​


Shoes Composition

A new beginning 

Because of her humble beginnings, Jennet is passionate about empowering women, making style accessible, and giving back to the community. She acts on this through donating shoes, mentoring other women, working to increase diversity in the footwear industry, and championing the AAPI community.

Jennet founded Evolution Design Lab and Jellypop Shoes in 2009, drawing on her knowledge and experience in the fashion and shoe industry. Inspired by her daughter, she created Jellypop Shoes to embody her core values. The brand offers trendy, fun, and sophisticated shoes that appeal to women of all generations. Jennet's focus is on creating practical, comfortable, and affordable footwear for every occasion.


The Jellypop team travels abroad to study international fashion and personally tests each style for quality and comfort. Jennet aims to empower women and girls by providing beautiful styles at affordable prices, giving back to the community through philanthropic efforts and shoe donations. Through Jellypop Shoes, she hopes to bring joy, self-expression, and the pursuit of dreams to women of all ages.

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Featured on Inc. Magazine 

2021 Female Founders 100 

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