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Integrity, Humility, & Hard Work 

Throughout the years, EDL has maintained thew values upon which it was founded: integrity, humility and hard work. EDL is an ever-evolving company that prioritizes efficiency and value, as well as staying on-trend, EDL does so without compromising these values. EDL is a community of people who are dedicated to caring for each other and the world around them

Female empowerment is a core tenet of EDL’s philosophy. 80 percent of those employed by EDL are women, including its guiding voice, founder and CEO, Jennet Chow. EDL values trust and respect both within the company and externally, as well as maintaining its commitment to supporting women in the workplace.

This guiding philosophy is integral to the way that the company functions-empowering employee to contribute in meaningful ways, often extending beyond the limitations pf traditional job descriptions

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Meet part of our Pasadena EDL Team 

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